Introducing our new Wine Development Manager, Simon Gartside

People of a certain age always say they can recall where they were when an important event in history occurred. I can certainly remember where I was when I “found wine” and which wine it was that “found me”. Feel free to ask me where and what when we meet, the wine is still available now and I’m more than happy to drink it!

The great thing about wine, or should I say “one of the great things” is that there is so much choice. Here at BWH Drinks, we have gathered together an extensive selection of diverse wines from around many of the winemaking countries and regions of the world and we continue to look for wines to complement what we have and to keep our selection fresh and interesting. This said, it’s not all about frequently making changes, a selection of the wines we supply, have become well established in our portfolio and they remain as popular now as when we first found them. We work closely with our suppliers and indeed listen to our customers to make sure your offering is enticing and profitable.

It is always good to remember, that in the wine world, you do get what you pay for. The entry level works well and provides a good starting point on a wine menu.  But spending a bit more and providing customers with more choice, often unlocks entry to a world of difference. It is well worth looking at wines that may sit a little higher up the scale and which may deliver a real uplift in value for your customers. This is where the BWH Drinks team come in, by introducing you to the wines that we have to offer at different levels and price points.

I am delighted to have joined the team at BWH Drinks and I look forward to working with colleagues, suppliers and customers alike and to bringing this lovely liquid of whichever colour or style to an ever-growing audience for us all.

Cheers for now!