The Warner Edwards Curiosity Tour includes
a welcome G&T and a chance to explore the
secrets behind one of England’s most
successful Gin brands. A chance to soak up
the beautiful countryside atmosphere of
Falls Farm as the team unveils the secrets and
true craftsmanship required to make each
bottle of Warner Edwards Gin.

All Warner products are made in small batches with great
care and percision. There are currently 8 varieties of
Warner’s Gin

Honey is harvested on the farm and then infused with
spirits. Bee Houses like the one above are set throughout the
farm providing homes for the 100,000 bees which live on
the farm

As part of their sustainability mission, all botanicals are
grown on-site and watered with fresh spring water located
on their farm

Why bees? The British honeybee population has been plummeting
in recent years, part of the reason being modern
farm practices and the erosion of wildflower meadows
which bees are attracted to. Tom Warner, decided he wanted
to do something to help the plight of honey bees.


Ross is the Commercial Ambassador and Lois Gauthier is the
Distilling and Liquid Innovation Manager. Together they
explained the work that goes into creating the unique
Warner Taste

Warner’s Distillery is set on a family farm which has been
passed through generations until 2012 when the owners
decided to start distilling using the ingredients on the farm