Sly Dog Spiced Rum

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SLY dog is an Award Winning, premium spiced rum, carefully crafted for cunning creatures who always end up on top.

SLY dog Spiced Rum is a blend of premium Caribbean rums, from carefully selected distilleries in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, aged for up to 3 years.  SLY DOG spiced rum is crafted with our ferociously guarded blend of spices, developed over 12 months alongside the UK’s leading flavour master using only the highest quality, 100% natural ingredients.

The combination of our tropical spices with fiery Caribbean rum delivers a smooth, warming and exquisite taste with soft sweetness that is seriously delicious, crafted for sly and cunning beasts.

SLY dog Rum is best served over ice, but tastes even naughtier when paired with your favourite mixers. Look into our sly eyes, take a sip and see what it really means to be SLY …

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