Price Increases 2021

As our industry prepares to reopen next week, we must inform you of the following trade price increases which have now been implemented by certain suppliers.

We expect more to follow over the coming months with other suppliers postponing until a little later in the year. Please check our alerts and website for further news. 


We fully appreciate that price rises are never popular, but we can assure you that we have done all we can to keep these rises to a minimum. We are committed to providing you with an ever-expanding product range with excellent service levels.

These price increases will apply to the BWH portfolio effective from today.

If you have any queries regarding prices, please contact your Account Manager or alternatively call us on the office phone number below.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.


From  1 June 2021 –

Carlsberg-Marstons, Thatchers Cider, Timothy Taylors and Greene King, 




PORDRA20LBirra Poretti 3 DM 20ltr 4.8%2.44
BIRPOR30LBirra Poretti 30ltr 4.8%3.67
BRODEF330Brooklyn Defender IPA 12x330ml CAN 5.5%0.36
BROLAG355Brooklyn Lager 24x355ml 5.2%0.73
BROLAC355Brooklyn Lager 24x355ml CAN 5.2%0.73
BROLAG30LBrooklyn Lager 30ltr 5.2%3.67
BRODRA20LBrooklyn Lager DM 20ltr 5.2%2.44
BRONAR335Brooklyn Naranjito Pale Ale 12x335ml CAN 4.5%0.39
BROSPE355Brooklyn Special Effects 24x355ml 0.4%0.73
CARLAG275Carlsberg 24x330ml  3.8%0.73
CAREXP11GCarlsberg Export 11gal 4.8%4.58
CAREXP30LCarlsberg Export 30ltr 4.8%2.75
CARLAG11GCarlsberg Pilsner 11gal 3.8%4.58
CARLAG30LCarlsberg Pilsner 30ltr 3.8%2.75
CARPILCANCarlsberg Pilsner Cans 6x4x500ml 3.8%1.1
CARDRA20LCarlsberg Pilsner DM 20ltr 3.8%1.83
CARSPE330Carlsberg Special Brew 24x330ml 9%0.73
HOLVIE11GHolsten Vier 4% 11gal4.58
LFB3WE330LFB 3 Weiss Monkeys CAN 12x330ml 5%0.36
LFBBBO30LLFB Broadway Boss 30L3.67
LFBBRO330LFB Broadway CAN 12x330ml 4.6%0.36
LFBHAC330LFB Hackney Hopster CAN 12x330ml 4.2%0.36
MAHLAG30LMahou 30ltr 5.1%3.67
MAHCINESTMahou 5 (Cinco) Estrellas 24x330ml 5.1%0.73
MAHDRA20LMahou DM 20ltr 5.1%2.44
SANMIG330San Miguel 24x330ml 5%0.73
SANDRA20LSan Miguel DM 20ltr 5%2.44
SANMIG11GSan Miguel Lager 11gal 5%6.11
SHEHEA20LShed Head DM 20ltr 4.6%2.44
SOMERS11GSomersby 11gal 4.5%4.58
SOMDRA20LSomersby DMM 20ltr 4.5%1.83
TETBIT11GTetley Bitter Smoothflow 11gal 3.6%4.58
TETBIT30LTetley Bitter Smoothflow 30ltr 3.6%2.75
TUBLAG275Tuborg Lager 24x275ml 4%0.6
BANDARMILBanks Dark Mild 11g 3.5%4.58
BANGOL330Banks’s Barley Gold Cans 24x330ml 7.4%0.73
BRABIT09GBrakspear Gravity 9gal  3.4%3.75
BRAOXF500Brakspear Oxford Gold 8 x 500ml 4.6%0.37
BRAOXF09GBrakspear Oxford Gold 9gal 4% abv3.75
COUBES11GCourage Best 11gal  4.0%4.58
COUBES09GCourage Best Bitter 9gal 4%3.75
COUDIR500Courage Directors 8 x 500ml 4.8%0.37
COUDIR09GCourage Directors 9gal 4.8%3.75
COULIG275Courage Light Ale 24x275ml 3.2%0.6
ERDLOWALCErdinger Low Alcohol 12x500ml 0.5%0.55
ERDWEI500Erdinger Weissbier 12 x 500ml 5.3%0.55
ERDWEI030Erdinger Weissbier 30ltr 5.3%3.67
ESTDAM11GEstrella Damm 11gal 4.6%6.11
ESTDAM330Estrella Damm 24x330ml 4.6%0.73
ESTFRE330Estrella Free Damm Cans 24x330ml 0%0.73
FOUALLIPAFounders All Day IPA 15x355ml CAN 4.7%0.73
KIRICH50LKirin Ichiban 50ltr 5%6.11
MAREPA09GMarston’s EPA 9gal 3.6%3.75
REVCRA330Revisionist Craft Lager 24x330ml CAN 4%0.73
WAIWRI09GWainwright 9gal 4.1%3.75
WARSTE50LWarsteiner Pilsner 50ltr 4.8%6.11
WELBOM11GWells Bombardier 11gal 4.1%4.58
WELBOM500Wells Bombardier 8 x 500ml 4.7%0.37
WELBOM09GWells Bombardier 9gal 4.1%3.75
WYCBAH09GWychwood Bah Humbug 4.3% 9gal3.75
WYCHOB500Wychwood Hobgoblin  8x500ml 5.2%0.37
WYCHOB30LWychwood Hobgoblin 30ltr 4.5%2.75
WYCHOB09GWychwood Hobgoblin 9gal 4.5%3.75
WYCGOL09GWychwood Hobgoblin Gold 9gal 4.2%3.75
YOUBIT09GYoungs Bitter 9gal 3.7%3.75
YOULIG275Youngs Light Ale 24x275ml 3.2%0.6
THABIG20LStan’s Big Apple BIB 20ltr 6.4%1.4496
THACHE20LStan’s Cheddar Valley BIB 20ltr 6%1.4496
THACID000Thatchers Cider 0% 6x500ml0.2397
THAGOL11GThatchers Gold 11gal 4.8%3.76
THAGOL500Thatchers Gold 12 x 500ml 4.8%0.6
GREGOB500Thatchers Green Goblin 12 x 500ml 6%0.69
THAHAZ500Thatchers Haze 12 x 500ml 4.5%0.6
THAKAT500Thatchers Katy Single Variety 12 x 500ml 7.4%0.69
OLDRAS50LThatchers Old Rascal 50ltr 4.5%4.22
THAOLD500Thatchers Rascal Cider 12 x 500ml 4.5%0.6
THAROS500Thatchers Rose 6x500ml 4%0.37
THAHAZ50LThatchers Somerset Haze 50ltr 4.5%3.98
THAVIN500Thatchers Vintage Cider 12 x 500ml 7.4%0.69
TIMBOL09GTimothy Taylor Boltmaker 9gal 4%3.78
TIMBES09GTimothy Taylor Golden Best 9gal 3.5%3.63
TIMPOR09GTimothy Taylor Hopical Storm 9gal 4%3.9
TIMKNO09GTimothy Taylor Knowle Spring Blonde 9gal 4.2%4.08
TIMLAN508Timothy Taylor Landlord 8x500ml 4.3%0
TIMLAN09GTimothy Taylor Landlord 9gal 4.3%4.08
TIMRAM09GTimothy Taylor Ram Tam 9gal 4.3%4.08
BELBES11GBelhaven Best 11g 3.2%5.675
ESTGLA330Estrella Galicia 24x330ml 4.7%1
ESTGAL50LEstrella Galicia 50ltr 4.7%8.625
ESTGALGLUEstrella Galicia Gluten Free 24x330ml 5.5%1.2
GREABB500Greene King Abbot Ale 8 x 500ml0.48
GREABB09GGreene King Abbot Ale 9gal 5%4.5
GRECHI11GGreene King Chilled IPA 11gal  3.6%5.77
GREIPA09GGreene King IPA 9gal 3.6%3.5
GRERUD09GGreene King Ruddles Best 9gal 3.7%3.5
OLDSP8500Old Speckled Hen 8 x 500ml 5.2%0.48
GREOLD09GOld Speckled Hen 9gal 4.5%4