Latest Offers September/October 2019

As we say goodbye to another busy Summer, it’s time to welcome Autumn and all the
great events the season has to offer. This issue is packed full of fantastic offers to boost sales and maximise profits over the next couple of months.
Lookout in November for the jam-packed Christmas edition of our Latest Offers brochure.


Consumer demand for ethical products continues to increase.
Help your customers make feel-good choices with our range of ethically produced drinks.

  • BELU
    Natural British mineral water sourced and packaged
    in Wales using UK-sourced materials. A social
    enterprise that is carbon neutral and gives 100% of
    the profits to the charity WaterAid, meaning a great
    water story for your business.
    One is a life-changing ethical drinks brand. Every
    bottle or carton of One Water, Juiced Water or
    Flavoured Water funds global clean water projects.
    Life changing, ethical and 100% British spring water
    Karma Cola was made to taste good and be good.
    Good for the land, good for the people who grow the
    ingredients, and as good for you as fizzy drinks can
    be – so you can feel good about drinking them. The
    Karma Cola Foundation was set up to ensure that
    Luscombe are passionate about making fabulous drinks.
    They source premium organic ingredients from trusted
    growers around the world and produce their drinks locally
    in Devon. Their award-winning drinks are made without
    A premium dry gin, handcrafted and distilled in
    Germany, inspired by Africa and in support of African
    elephant conservation. Its innovative blend of 14
    botanicals combines rare African ingredients with
    fresh apples that make Elephant Gin distinct from
    any other.
    Toast ale is an award-winning craft beer brewed
    with surplus fresh bread that would otherwise be
    wasted. All profits go to the charity, Feedback, an
    environmental charity campaigning to end food


Mark your calendars:

19/09 Cask Ale Week
Browse through our range of excellent cask ales on

15 – 18. Surprise your customers with food and
drinks paiging menu.

04/10 London Cocktail Week begins
Get creative with your cocktail menu. See our
Liqueurs for inspiration.

20/09 Rugby World Cup begins
Guinness is a firm favourite with rugby fans, so make
sure you’re stocked up.

19/10 International Gin & Tonic Day
Who doesn’t love a Gin & Tonic?! This is the perfect
day to Showcase your Gin and Tonic offering.

21/09 Oktoberfest begins
Bring an authentic atmosphere to your
establishment with plenty of Oktoberfest beer.

31/10 Halloween
This event gets bigger and bigger every year, so get
your Halloween on with spooky spirits.

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