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There will be Beer!

Bernard Sloan, 1995

It was 1994, upstream on the banks of the
Whitewater river. The pair of us eyed an
old shed on our family farm, In it’s day, it
had been the original family farmhouse,
and even the birthplace of Bernard’s
grandad, and now we hoped it could be
the birthplace of our brewing dreams.
Little did we know it, but two years of
hard graft, harder saving and some of
the hardest decisions we’ve ever made,
would make that happen.
We remember spending Christmas ‘95
slogging through the cold and the dark to
get our little shed in shape. At that point,
the only sign of a brewery, was a sign… one
Kerry had gotten Bernard for Christmas.
For a long time, it seemed a long way away.
One day, upon busting through the wall for a pipe inlet Bernard roared

“There will be

a phrase and a promise we held fast
to as we struggled towards our first brew.
In 1996 there was beer !!! Our first beer
was called Mountain Ale, and boy was it
the best beer we’d ever tasted.
The kit was small and basic, with a brewsize
of 800L direct-fired by a gas burner
underneath. We both still had day jobs, so it
was tough going, brewing through the wee
hours, and the weekends, but we stayed
steadfast, and all our spare time and money
went to improve the process and grow
Over the years we experimented and
produced many different cask Ales. Some
of them firsts of their kind in Ireland, some
of them lasts of their kind, and some still
remain with us to this day.

Gradually we grew and a few more faces
joined our merry team, and we built on to
our little barn by the Whitewater.
By 2006 we were the first in N.I to put
in our own bottling line. By 2013 we
could brew a 7000L batch. Now the beer,
that was born in a barn by the river, was
really flowing.
In 2016 we found ourselves tight for room
again, and the tough decision was made to
leave our little barn and build ourselves a
much bigger one.
Our new home for the Whitewater
Brewing Co, along with new Tap House,
is now up and running.

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