How to shutdown your dispense system

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Protecting your Dispense System in times of reduced activity.

If your outlet is continuing to trade but you are choosing to do so over a reduced pattern please see the following advice to protect the dispense system and product quality.

If the system, or part of it, is not used for 7 days please refer to the shutdown process.

Why take extra care?

Standard Dispense systems are designed to be used regularly, so times of inactivity can negatively impact dispense quality. If beer is left for a period it can become stagnant and taste poor. If beer systems are turned off then the beer will warm up, the CO2 in the beer will come out causing fobbing and flat beer. To prevent any period of inactivity from having a negative impact on dispense quality, please follow the guidelines below:-

– Do not leave beer in a dispense system without use for 7 days or more.

– Always leave the cellar cooling switched on.

– Always leave the beer coolers switched on.


– Turn off the dispense gas when not using the system.

– Clean the system every 7 days.

If the system, or part of it, is not used for 7 days please follow the shutdown process below:



How to maintain your system in NO trading period

If you are not using your system or planning to close your outlet for more than 7 days please follow this procedure to close down the dispense system and protect the dispense equipment. This process allows protection for up to 6 months.

Why closedown the system?

As we are seeing large numbers of outlets having to close, we need to ensure the draught dispense systems are protected so that when your outlet can re-open, you are able to serve great quality beer as soon as possible.

Failing to properly close down the system can cause irrevocable damage to the system and render it unusable. This will result in costly, time consuming work to replace the equipment which will cause delay to your outlet re-opening. Also, by turning off cellar cooling and beer coolers you will save money while closed.

Closedown Process

– Disconnect all the kegs.

– Clean all the lines in the outlet following your standard process.

– When the lines are cleaned and flushed empty the cleaning bottle and blow the lines clear of water (this can be done by opening the taps and waiting until all the water is dispensed and the lines are empty).

– You should leave the lines empty of water (water can cause damage and taints to the lines).

– Spray the couplers with alcohol sanitiser spray and prevent them from dropping on the floor.

– Clean the tap nozzles and put them back on the taps.

– Switch off the beer coolers and turn off any gas bottles.


– Cellar cooling can be turned off to save energy.

Re-opening Process

If you have been closed for 7 days or more please follow the process below before re-opening. This process should be carried out 24 hours before re-opening.
– Turn on the cellar cooling on.
– Turn on the beer coolers and gas system.
– Clean the beer lines again in line with your standard process.
– When the lines are clean, flush with water.
– Connect the couplers to kegs that are in date.
– The beer cooler will be ready to dispense at the correct temperature within 2 hours.


Business Interruption Loans

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– Where can I get this support? 

The scheme is being set up now and will be available next week. More information on how to access the loans will be provided via the government Website 

– When does it come into force? 

Next week (w/c 23rd March)


Business Rates Support

You won’t have to pay your business rates bill for the coming tax year 2020/2021. 

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You will receive a one-off £10,000 cash amount, if you currently don’t pay any business rates or you get business rates relief.

– Where can I get this support?

Local authorities will be given guidance on 20 March on how to help businesses with this measure. Get in touch with your local authority once this is done. The guidance will also become available via the government Website

– When does it come into force? 

The guidance to local authorities will become available on 20 March.



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