Daffy’s Small Batch Gin

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Fresh, woody, floral, toffee nose. Fruity and full of life. Oriental pine forest by the sea with a breathtaking view. Smooth and vibrant spice palette with oaky mouthfeel, leading to lively citrus and Lebanese mint then to red fruit followed by juniper. From the depth of fine juniper & Lebanese mint to a long, buttery, warm & elegant finish- enchanting to the end. Daffy’s Gin has been crafted to be enjoyed straight over ice like the finest of malt whiskies, to make the ultimate D&T, the very best of Negroni and other great cocktails.The quest at Daffy’s was and is to make the world’s best London Dry Gin – not a sweetened or heavily flavoured gin but a London Dry Gin so good that you can enjoy it straight. Daffy’s uses a ‘slow cook’ distillation process, distilling for 9.5 hours instead of what would normally be around 4 hours. This, as with slow cooking food, allows us to keep great depth of flavour and finesse with none of the harshness or burn. We distil with Lebanese Mint, a soft salad mint. This gives the spirit the toffee, buttery, creamy notes that give Daffy’s its great length when drunk straight.

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